SLO Village News

We are looking for volunteers:

Marketing : Create marketing materials that are needed to reach potential members, volunteers, vendors, stakeholders, sponsors, and more.

Vendors : Identify and qualify interested businesses willing to provide our members with discounted services.

Partnering: Identify potential business partners and develop action plans. From providing referrals to office space, from financial support to back office support.

Technology: Use social media to create and update SLO Village presence. Identify and document processes for sharing information for members, volunteers, and service providers.



SLO Village Events

November 4th  Volunteer Training Session

SLO Village Grand Opening Party

July 4th SLO Village Fourth of July Picnic

Volunteer Resources

Village Calendar  Calendar for SLO Village Events
Service Completion Form  Service Completion Form

Training Slides  Training Material
Volunteer Manual  Volunteer Guide
Transportation Manual  Transportation Guide
DMV Self-Check  Process to get DMV Records
Code of Ethics  SLO Village Volunteer Ethics
Volunteer Application  Application for Volunteer Manual
Training Survey  Volunteer Training Survey